Coronavirus: Information and Resources on COVID-19

The Utah Parent Center is here to help you.   Please contact our main office at 801-272-1051 or toll-free at 1-800-468-1160 for up-to-date information and resources regarding Covid 19; including vaccine information, testing, treatments, guidelines and more.   Our Community Health Workers are happy to assist you and can assist in finding resources for you. 

Joey Hanna, UPC Executive Director


General Information

Utah Department of Health and CDC Information

Detailed, science-based information about the COVID-19 source, spread, risks, along with any updates.

COVID-19 Resources in Different Languages

The National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants (NRC-RIM) offers translated COVID-19 materials in over 100 different languages covering a variety of different topics.

Gov. Cox’s COVID-19 Updates and Guidelines 

Governor Cox and his team remains dedicated to the response to COVID-19, here you can find his latest updates, information, and guidelines.

IHC: 5 things you need to know & do about COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

Intermountain Healthcare has provided basic information on prevention and preparation. Links to many more resources.

The Corona-Virus Stories

 A PDF of social stories for kids to understand about the virus going around.

Navajo Nation COVID-19 Updates

The Navajo Nation and their regular updates regarding COVID-19.

FCC’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge

The Federal Communications Commission asked broadband and telephone service providers to take the pledge to ensure Americans do not lose their services as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 800 companies and associations have signed on.

FCC’s Para Mantener la Conexión de los Estadounidenses

En respuesta a la pandemia del COVID-19 y a los desafíos que muchos estadounidenses enfrentarán en los próximos meses, el presidente de la FCC, Ajit Pai, anunció recientemente la Iniciativa de Mantener la Conexión de los Estadounidenses (Keep Americans Connected Initiative, en inglés). Para asegurarse de que los estadounidenses no pierdan su conectividad de banda ancha o telefónica como resultado de estas excepcionales circunstancias, el presidente Pai ha solicitado específicamente a los proveedores de banda ancha y de servicios telefónicos, y a las asociaciones gremiales, adherirse al Compromiso de Mantener la Conexión de los Estadounidenses (Keep Americans Connected Pledge, en inglés). Hasta el momento, más de 800 compañías y asociaciones han firmado el compromiso del presidente de la FCC para mantener la conexión de los estadounidenses.

UTA (Utah Transit Authority)

Changes to services, reduced schedules, and updates

Thank you for viewing the recording of the DSPD Covid-19 Presentation.  Please take moment to complete this very short, six question evaluation at

General Resources

Covid-19 Funeral Assistance – FEMA

Under the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021 and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, FEMA is providing financial assistance for COVID-19 related funeral expenses incurred after January 20, 2020.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies happen quickly and often without warning, so it is important to prepare for such emergencies.

Utah Medicaid covers COVID-19 Testing

Utah Medicaid will now cover COVID-19-related diagnostic testing and services for uninsured individuals. This new program will be effective through the duration of the public health emergency. Application for coverage available on website.

Soft School Closures and Students with Special Education

Informational Handout

El Cierre Parcial de las Escuelas en Utah

Información para ayudar a los estudiantes con discapacidad

Legal FAQs on Coronavirus, School Closings, and Special Education

Q & A article to answer common legal questions you may have about special education and other education issues as schools practice social distancing.

Utah State Board of Education: Serving Students with Special Needs and Disabilities

Letter from the USBE to District Superintendents providing guidance and clarification on the topic of serving Students with Disabilities. If you have questions or needs about this contact us or your local education agency.


A specially made website to help you teach or learn from home, appropriate for all age levels from Elementary to University.

Workforce Services- Unemployment Insurance

Statewide, If you are an employee negatively impacted by COVID-19 because you are sick or otherwise unable to go to work due to the virus, you should apply for unemployment insurance to determine if you are eligible for unemployment benefits.

Salt Lake Mutual Aid Resources and Volunteering

New website that has a resource page on it for the greater Salt Lake Area.

Family Support and Treatment Center

Their crisis nursery is still open; visit their page for locations, details, and guidelines.

Utah Family Voices’ Building Your Emergency Information Form

Recorded:  04/15/2020
Presented by: Gina Pola-Money
Utah Family Voices, Utah Parent Center Associate Director

Emotional & Mental Health Resources

Warmline 801-587-1055  

Available 8 am to 11 pm

This line is for Salt Lake County Residents who are not in crisis, but seeking: Support, Engagement, or Encouragement. Certified peer specialists offer support and empower callers to resolve problems by fostering a sense of hope, dignity, and self-respect.

Crisis Help

Resource Flyer- PDF

Communication Toolkit

Prepare now and build a kit with a variety of communication tools that you might need if you or your loved one are hospitalized and need speech or communication supports.

Dual Diagnosis

What Families Need to Know When a Family Member has Developmental Disabilities Plus Mental Health Needs 

How to Find the Facts

How families can find the facts rather than be filled by fear with what’s being spread on social media.

How to talk to your Anxious Child or Teen about Coronavirus

A few general tips for communicating with an anxious/child or teen about coronavirus.

Protecting Your Family’s Mental Health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 7 things you and your family can do to keep mentally healthy.

Watch for Signs of Depression

Information on depression and suicide, laws, and resources to help with depression including a mobile outreach team, an app, and hotline.

Free NAMI Online Class

Register for a free class on the basics of Mental Health by the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

MyStrength App

Improve emotional health with resources for depression, anxiety, stress and more.  Includes new materials for managing stress in relation to Covid 19.  60 days free thanks to DSAMH –follow the link to learn more.  It’s the one app we should all have!

The Mighty

Free website/blog where you can read articles, get help, and join a community of individuals surviving the same mental health diagnosis as you!

Virtual Activities: Accessing the Outside World

Collected by the UPC Staff, this pdf resource has links for the whole family to enjoy and access some fun activities from around the world.

Coping with Disasters

This resource provides information on stress and coping mechanisms related to disasters.

American Sign Language Resources

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