The Utah Parent Center has a variety of videos that are now available to view through the Utah Parent Center You Tube page or by ordering the DVD at no cost to you. 

Online Videos/DVDs are available on the following topics:

Transition from Early Intervention to Special Education Preschool

Parents as Partners in the IEP Process

Bullying Prevention: Everyone’s Responsibility

Positive Behavioral Supports

Section 504: Services for Students in Public Schools

From ‘NO’ Where to ‘KNOW’ Where:  Transition to Adult Life

Journey to Adulthood:  What Parents Need to Know about Puberty

Getting and Keeping the First Job


Meeting the Needs of Adults with Disabilities: Innovative Ideas, Community Living, Successful Employment, and Tips for Parents (9 videos on meeting the needs of adults with disabilities)

Families Living with Autism

Section 504: Help for Parents

DSPD 101

To view the videos online, follow the links given above.  To order a FREE copy of the DVD, call (801) 272-1051 or (800) 468-1160.