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Person-Centered Planning
My Right To Make Choices

My Right To Make Choices

Person Centered Planning For a Better Future: What Families Should Know

An Introduction to Person-Centered Planning

A Resource Manual for Parents and Guardians

Tips for Creating a Person Centered Support Plan

Creating a Vision of a Good Life

Individuals in DSPD services create a Person-Centered Support Plan (PCSP) to help them achieve a good life. Families can participate in Person-Centered Planning activities, with or without DSPD services, to create a vision of a good life using tools from Charting the LifeCourse. We have created a video series that demonstrates how families can use the Life Trajectory, the Life Domain Vision Tool, and the Integrated Supports Star tools to create a vision for a good life for their loved ones with disabilities.

6 Steps for Person-Centered Planning

Don’t know where to start? This tried and true six-step process will help you get started with Person Centered Planning.

It Takes a Village: Choosing and Managing Your Team

You have probably heard the saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” Families may feel that it gets harder to rely on their village as the student reaches the fourteenth year of age—the time when transition planning with the school IEP team starts. This information sheet gives ideas on how to build and strengthen your village to support your youth or adult family member in designing the life he or she wants.

Key Concepts About Person-Centered Planning

Understanding several key concepts about Person Centered Planning can inspire you with the commitment to accomplish your goals for helping your family member to live the life he or she wants.

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Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams

It has been said that the best way to address the needs of a person with disabilities is by trying to provide the life he or she wants—in other words to center the process on the hopes wishes and dreams of the person receiving the services.

Our section on hopes, wishes and dreams has ideas on how to support your family member in discovering and communicating his or her wishes about those hard choices and big decisions that come with transition to life as an adult.

Success Stories

Featured Resources

Resource List

Utah Parent Center Resource List for person-centered planning, including Utah agency resources

A Tool for Transition

Parent Brief, Person-Centered Planning: A Tool for Transition

Workbook for Youth

Workbook to help youth with disabilities make decisions and prepare of person-centered planning:


Cornell University Website which has very good descriptions of several popular methods of person-centered planning

We at the Utah Parent Center wish you the best as you work to help your family member with disabilities create the life he or she dreams of. Be sure to access our website at utahparentcenter.org to see our extensive resources and training related to transition from high school to adult life. If you have concerns or questions, please give us a call and speak with one of our knowledgeable parent consultants.

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