utah family to family network

The Family to Family Network (FtoFN) is a statewide parent support network run by volunteers. It is designed to educate, strengthen, and support families of persons with disabilities, especially those who are on the waiting list or are in services with the Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD). Network leaders are parents of individuals with special needs and link families to local resources, services, and disability-friendly events. The FtoFN is a project of the Utah Parent Center.

They can help you by providing:

  • support through local meetings, either in-person or online
  • information and referral
  • family to family support
  • tips on how to advocate for your family
  • help to families who qualify or may be eligible for services from DSPD, and help to understand programs and services and how to work with service providers and support coordinators
  • training on choosing or changing your support coordinator.

New to DSPD? Need help choosing a support coordinator, or understanding what a support coordinator does?

What you Need to Know about DSPD: DSPD 101

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For more information about the FtoFN, please email ftofn@utahparentcenter.org

The FtoFN is a statewide organization; however, we do have local support groups in the following areas:

Box Elder County

Box Elder County is currently without a leader.  If you live in Box Elder County, have a child in DSPD services or on the waitlist for DSPD services, and are interested, please contact Julia Pearce at julia@utahparentcenter.org or 801-272-1051.

Facebook: Box Elder County Family to Family Network

Box Elder County Resource List

Cache County


Lora Meerdo, lora@utahffn.org

Wendy Kunz, wendy@utahffn.org

Facebook: Cache County Family to Family Network

Cache County Resource List

Carbon/Emery County


Darrelyn Davis, darrelyn@utahffn.org

Phyllis Weber, phyllis@utahffn.org

Facebook: Carbon/Emery County Family to Family Network

Davis County


Karen Anderson, karen@utahffn.org

Amy Arnesen, amy@utahffn.org

Facebook: Davis County Family to Family Network

Davis County Resource List

Davis County Mental Health Resource List –

Duchesne County


Dana Ross, dana@utahffn.org

Christie Rhoades, christie@utahffn.org

Facebook: Duchesne County Family to Family Network

Iron County


Tanisha Wittwer, tanisha@utahffn.org

Facebook: Iron County Family to Family Network

FtoFN Iron County Resource List

Salt Lake County


Kathy Self, kathy@utahffn.org

Mandy Kent, mandy@utahffn.org

Facebook: Salt Lake County Family to Family Network

Sanpete County


Bonnie Nordell, bonnie@utahffn.org

Facebook: Sanpete County Family to Family Network

Tooele County


Brandy Rogers, brandyr@utahffn.org

Facebook: Tooele County Family to Family Network

Uintah County


Cami Cook, cami@utahffn.org

Brandy Iverson, brandyi@utahffn.org

Facebook: Uintah County Family to Family Network/

Utah County


Jodi Hansen, jodi@utahffn.org

Tracy Brown, tracy@utahffn.org

Facebook: Utah County Family to Family Network

West Utah County Resource List