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The Family Links Conference is a statewide group of disability organizations who come together to provide a variety of trainings or conferences to parents and families of children, youth, and adults with disabilities and special needs and the professionals who serve them.

Saturday, May 14, 2022 – In Person Conference and Exhibitor Fair

We are saddened to announce that, due to low registration numbers, we have come to the difficult decision to cancel the Family Links event scheduled for Saturday, May 14, 2022.

The information and training that we planned to present at the conference is important. The Utah Parent Center and Family Links Planning Committee is committed to bringing that information to you.

We have already rescheduled our keynote presentation: Beyond Inclusion: Creating Belonging presented by Dr. Matthew Wappett on Thursday, June 9, 2022 from 12:00-1:00 PM via Zoom.  Register at:

Use link below to get more information about the upcoming events.

April 2022 – Virtual Conference Session Recordings and Handouts

Use the link above to view recordings of the following sessions:

  • Five Strategies for Reading with Young Children (Birth-5 Years)
  • Bullying: What Parents Need to Know
  • Brain Injury 101
  • Empowered Families in the World of Augmentative and Alternate Communication
  • The Medical Home Portal: An Online Resource to Navigate the Journey from Diagnosis to Adulthood
  • Person Centered Support Planning
  • ABLEUtah: Save your Money and Build your Future!
  • Navigating through the World of Assistive Technology
  • Employment Accommodations

January 2021 – Conference Session Recordings and Handouts

Use the link above to view recordings of the following sessions:

  • Building Resiliency to Withstand Trauma
  • Transition Elevated
  • Alternatives to Guardianship and Guardianship from an Attorney’s Perspective
  • Raising Expectations: Hearing from Self-Advocates
  • Fostering Emotional and Mental Health for Support through Psychosocial Well-being of Siblings
  • The Basics of Telehealth
  • Tips for Day-to-Day Positive Behavioral Supports
  • School Supports under COVID-19
  • Interactions with the Justice System

Thanks to the Family Links Sponsors, Co-Sponsored and Supporters

Family Links Planning Committee – Utah Parent Center
Autism Council of Utah – Division of Services for People with Disabilities
Family to Family Network –  Learning Disabilities Association of Utah
Utah Deaf-Blind Project – Utah Developmental Disabilities Council
Utah Family Voices – Utah PTA – Utah State Board of Education