Safety and Security

Safety, Supported Decision Making, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Power of Attorney, Estate Planning, ABLE Accounts, SSI

As your teen with a disability approaches age 18, the age of majority in Utah, you will need to make many decisions. Among them is whether or not you will need to seek guardianship or an alternative to guardianship for your young adult. Understanding SSI, ABLE Accounts, safety issues, trusts, and estate planning are also key components in the planning process. The time to explore options for supporting your youth in the future is prior to their 18th birthday, while you are still the one responsible for making decisions about their safety, and well-being.

At this time of life we have BIG decisions to make and BIG choices.

What is Guardianship? How do I know if my child needs a Guardian? What are the types of guardianship? What are the alternatives to Guardianship? Is Supported Decision Making or Power of Attorney a better option for my child? How is guardianship different from a Conservatorship or Power of Attorney? Do I need to hire an attorney? Can multiple people be a guardian?

ABLE Accounts

Achieving a Better Life Experience

Additional Alternatives to Guardianship

Conservatorship, Power of Attorney, and Education Advocate.

Estate Planning

Comprehensive planning for our loved ones encompasses three different professional disciplines


Youth requiring more protections may benefit from their caregivers seeking full or limited guardianship

Social Security

Applying for SSI on Behalf of a Child with Special Needs

Supported Decision-Making

If guardianship doesn’t seem like the right fit for your child, perhaps Supported Decision Making (SDM) might be a better choice for your family.

Learning about safety in the community and at home.