In Utah, Special Education Preschool for eligible children ages 3-5 is provided by each local school district in compliance with Part B of IDEA.

Many children served in Special Education Preschool programs were previously served in Early Intervention (EI) programs.  The following training videos about the transition from Early Intervention to Special Education Preschool are now available in both English and Spanish.

 Transition from Early Intervention to Special Education Preschool Online Training Videos

The Utah Parent Center has also published the a parent handbook that can be read alone or in conjunction with the online training videos.

Early Intervention Transition Parent Handbook 
Spanish Early Intervention Transition Handbook

                                          Spanish Early Intervention Transition Booklet Cover


The following handouts and information sheets will also provide you with additional information about this exciting transition.

Additional Resources:

The website for the Utah State Office of Education (USOE), Special Education Services – Preschool includes several documents that will be helpful to parents.