Citizenship & Advocacy

Helping youth and families understand self-advocacy, advocacy, disability rights, disability disclosure, and voting.


Daily Life

Understand the importance of the transition IEP, graduation, post-high and secondary education options, as well as employment supports and daily life skills.


Community Living

Learning concepts and tools related to Self-Determination, Person-Centered Planning, Charting the LifeCourse, and Housing Options.

Safety & Security

Helping families navigate Guardianship, Supported Decision-Making, Conservatorship, Power of Attorney, Estate Planning, Able Accounts, and SSI

Social and Spirituality

Understanding how to build well-being through friendships, dating, social opportunities, and spirituality

Healthy Living

Navigating the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare, mental health resources, and Medicaid

If you or a family member are impacted by a disability, now is the time to start planning and preparing for the future. Transition University has the resources, information, and tools you will need to help your child be successful. Explore your options, chart your path and start taking steps toward your future using our training materials and resources books. Get started today.