Community Living

Self-Determination, Person-Centered Planning & Charting LifeCourse

"Inclusivity means not just we’re allowed to be there, but we are valued."

-Claudia Brind-Woody

What do you want your life to look like in five years? What is important to you? Where do you want to live? Do you want a job? Do you want to go to college or a training program? If you would like people to support you, who are those people? In what areas of your life would you like support and where would you like to be independent?

Understanding Self-Determination and making choices in your own life is the first step. Person-Centered Planning and Charting the LifeCourse are two tools to help you get started and help you find direction.


Provides awareness and allows individuals to have more control over their choices and lives

Person-Centered Planning

Caters to an individual’s needs and the desires they have for their own life.

Charting the LifeCourse

Helps individuals and families of all abilities and all ages develop a vision for a good life.

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