Utah Independent Living Center

The Utah Independent Living Center (UILC) is non-residential facility that provides services which enhance the independence of people with disabilities.

The UILC was the first independent living center in Utah and have been serving this community (Salt Lake, Summit, and Tooele counties) since April 1982.

We are consumer controlled with a majority of staff and board members being people with disabilities.

Our five core services are:

Peer Support

Information & Referral

Independent Living Skills Training



Controlling one’s life and minimizing dependence on others are central themes in the independent living movement. Thus, consumers have a say in the services they receive from the UILC. Eliminating barriers in the community enable people with disabilities to be active participants.

Our services assist people with disabilities to achieve increased independence, and include both family and community integration.

Community advocacy is an essential component of our independent living program.


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