2021 Family Links/Conexiones Familiares Conference

The Family Links Conference is a statewide event for parents of children, youth, and adults with special needs and the professionals who serve them. This year’s conference took place in January 2021. Recordings of the sessions and handouts are available by topic below.  You can also view the virtual resource gallery.

La Conferencia Conexiones Familiares es un evento a nivel estatal para padres de niños, jóvenes y adultos con necesidades especiales y los profesionales que les proveen servicio. Tomó lugar en enero 2021. Hay grabaciones de las sesiones y recursos disponibles para todos que les interesa.

Topics, Recordings and Handouts

Building Resiliency to Withstand Trauma

Jennifer K Carlson

Presentation Recording and Handouts

Families of individuals with disabilities and special healthcare needs have experienced many events that could be described as traumatic during the year 2020. What does it take for individuals and families to build resilience in order to face and meet these challenges successfully? Come and learn with us about key strategies that will help with current conditions and future ones.

Alternatives to Guardianship and Guardianship from an Attorney's Perspective

Lisa Broderick Thornton

Presentation Recording and Handouts

The guardianship process can feel daunting and complicated. Come and learn directly from a parent who is also a legal expert regarding its intricacies and learn about the reasons families go through this process. Likewise, come and learn about all the other ways families can support their loved one with making decisions beyond guardianship.

Fostering Emotional and Mental Health for Support through the Psychosocial Well-being of Siblings

Dr. Lara Bennett Murphy, Jane & Emma Thornton

Presentation Recording and Handouts

Siblings are an important part of the family. Sibling relationships and interactions are shaped continuously. Come and learn about the benefits of keeping those sibling relationships healthy and supported so that the family can keep the benefits well into the future and throughout adult life.

Tips for Day to Day Positive Behavioral Supports

Jeff Skibitsky

Presentation Recording and Handouts

Staying at home throughout the pandemic has been both challenging and rewarding. For families of individuals with disabilities that require more constant behavioral support, the need to implement positive behavioral supports has become necessary. Come and learn the ways that you can support your loved one during the time you are spending together.

Transition Elevated

Lavinia Gripentrog, Utah State Board of Education

Presentation Recording and Handouts

Transition Elevated is an app that will help you create a draft transition plan. It was designed for students with Individual Education Programs (IEPs), but anyone can use it. When you are 14 the Transition Plan becomes part of your IEP.  Your transition plan is your roadmap for the future.

Raising Expectations: Hearing from Self-Advocates

Advocates as Leaders Self Advocacy Speaker's Network Utah

Presentation Recording and Handouts

Come and hear directly from individuals with disabilities themselves who will share their thoughts, lessons learned, and experiences regarding the impact of high expectations. The panel will share pearls of wisdom with other families and also dedicate time to answer questions from the participants.

The Basics of Telehealth

Eric Tadehara

Presentation Recording

What should families know about accessing telehealth? Come and learn tips and tricks about the way telehealth can be of benefit to you and your family, as well as what to expect from providers using this method of service delivery.

School Supports under COVID-19

Ashlie Baker & Deanne Shields

Presentation Recording and Handouts

The way students with disabilities have received services, accommodations and supports has been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. Join us to learn about general sound recommendations for students who require additional support from the school to succeed and benefit from their education.

Interactions with the Justice System

Detective Jeremy Dean, WVCPD

Presentation Recording and Handouts

Individuals with disabilities and mental health needs often come in contact with the Justice system without knowing what to expect from that system. Come and learn about the way the system functions and efforts made throughout different points of the interactions with the system to understand those needs stemming from either a developmental disability or mental health.