The key to success in life is to focus on goals, not obstacles!

Knowing what you are good at and what you enjoy can help you when you are trying to decide what kind of work may interest you or help you plan the direction of your life. Everyone is unique. Everyone has certain talents they are born with, meaning they may be naturally good at certain tasks. However, nobody is good at everything. For that reason, we all have areas where we can set goals and attempt to improve our performance. The more we practice a task, the better we will become at doing that task. Go to the links below for some activities you can try. They will help you figure out what you might be good at, or what you might enjoy doing. It’s a good idea to test different things to see what you like.

Following routines is a life skill all on its own! Most of us use prompts and reminders to get through our day, and that is great! What we want to avoid is needing someone else to have to prompt us all the time. We are more independent if our prompts come from a checklist, a picture schedule, or a reminder on our cellphone.

Use the college readiness assessment and daily life checklists in the yellow section of the Youth Workbook as a guide. It is okay to not be able to do everything on this list. If you aren’t ready to check off an area as “mastered”, don’t worry. Set a goal to work on that area in the future. It’s also okay to ask for help. Skills you can eventually master will help you reach future goals; like employment and independence.