Learning how to speak up for yourself, ask for necessary accommodations, and be in control of your life is important for an individual with a disability. These information sheets will help you learn how to take charge and be part of the decision-making process

 ADA and Transition: Q&AYoung Woman
How the Americans with Disabilities Act supports adults with disabilities.

Disclosure on the Job 
When, what, and to whom to disclose information about your disability.

Help Your Young Adult Learn about Accessing Accommodations after High School 
Knowing when and how to ask for accommodations after high school can be tricky. This information sheet explains the process.

Helping Your Child Prepare for the Age of Majority 
Teaching your child about the changes that will occur at age 18.

How Families Can Build Soft Skills at Home
Soft skills (conversation skills, good hygiene, self-motivation, etc.) can be just as important to life and career readiness as education and technical skills. Learn how to encourage these skills in the home.

Tips for Teens: Use Your IEP Meetings to Learn How to Advocate for Yourself
Learn how to advocate for yourself in your IEP meetings.

What is Self-Determination? 
Learn what self-determination is and why it’s important to living a fulfilled life.