Bullying is never okay. Here’s how you can be a kid against bullying!

Bullying can happen anyplace—

on the playground, on the bus, in the hallways, even in the bathroom.

Bullying can be lots of things. It is hitting, pushing, name calling, threatening, teasing, sending mean e-mails, taking or ruining another person’s things, leaving someone out – and lots of other nasty stuff that’s done on purpose to hurt someone.

How can you tell if something is bullying? Just remember this:

It’s bullying if…

Someone is hurting another person on purpose and the kid who is doing it has more power.

Bullying is not cool and it’s not fair. No one deserves to be bullied.

What can you do if you are being bullied or see bullying happen? A lot!

Speak Up!

  •      When someone is willing to say they think something is wrong, they can make a difference. If you tell other kids that bullying is not cool, they will be more willing to speak up, too.
  •      If you see bullying, you can tell a grown-up. Telling is not tattling. It’s okay to tell.

Reach Out!

  •      Tell the kid who is being bullied that they don’t deserve to be treated that way.
  •      No one does.
  •      Ask your friends to join you in being a kid against bullying.

Be a Friend!

  •      Invite the kid who is being bullied to play with you.
  •      Create a ―bully-free zone‖ on the playground where everyone is welcome.

Learn more about what you can do to stop bullying at: Pacer Kids Against Bullying.

©2006 PACER Center. Reprinted with permission.