Discovery Toys

Discovery Toys is a company that’s been around for over 40 years because a day care administrator wanted the best learning toys for the children she served. Since then, the company has expanded internationally. The company goal is to “change the world, one child at a time.” Discovery Toys is run by a board of professionals who are all experts in child development, enriching brain power building, and maximizing learning through play.

Our toys, games and books help individuals from 0-99 years old. They facilitate development of motor, language, social, and creative play skills. Discovery Toys are great tools for parents and educators to help children learn through fun play. They are also great for teachers/therapists who deal with many different levels of students because Discovery Toys can be adapted for a wide range of ages.

We provide a lifetime warranty for most of our products as well as replacement parts when needed. Discovery Toys are a one-time investment and provides life-long enjoyment and learning. Please contact me! I am happy to assist you to find the most appropriate toys/games/book for children in your life. Order $140 products for just $59- good till 1/31/21.

For more info and full catalog, please go to my website: Welcome to Eunice Chen’s Website



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Sensory Play: engages the five senses, stimulating cognitive development. Through rich, soothing sensory experiences a baby will learn to feel secure and loved.