General information on a wide range of topics

Circle of Support 

Figuring out what resources and supports are available after high school can be overwhelming. A circle of support gives a visual representation of the people and agencies that are there to support you.

Circle of Support Instructions

Dispute Resolution Options

There are many options available to solve problems during the IEP process. Learn these options and how you can access them.

Entitlement vs. Eligibility – The Big Shift

When you leave public school, services will be different than what you’re used to. This information sheet explains these differences.

Summary of the Americans with Disabilities Act’s Protections

This information sheet details how individuals with disabilities are protected under the ADA.

Transition Ideas for Those with Significant Disabilities

There are unique challenges to transition for those with significant disabilities. This information sheet gives ideas on making this transition easier and more fulfilling.

Transition Resource List

This list shows some of the agencies that are available to help with transition-related issues.

Vocational Rehabilitation Transition Services

An explanation of Vocational Rehabilitation and how it can help your youth