Information on preparing for, finding, and keeping a job

 ADA and Transition: Q&A 

How the Americans with Disabilities Act supports adults with disabilities.

Advantages to Hiring Individuals with Disabilities 

Learn about the many advantages to hiring individuals with disabilities.

Building a Resume: Tips for Youth with Disabilities

How to gain real world experience to help in building the perfect job resume.

Career Guidance and Exploration in Action

Practical ideas on how to explore career options.

Disclosure on the Job

When, what, and to whom to disclose information about your disability.

Family Roles in the Transition from School to Work 

How families can encourage and support their youth with a disability in the transition from school to work.

Help Your Young Adult Learn about Accessing Accommodations after High School

Knowing when and how to ask for accommodations after high school can be tricky. This information sheet explains the process.

Helping Youth Develop Soft Skills for Job Success

Many things go into obtaining and maintaining employment. This explains what soft skills are, and details how families can support the individual with a disability in learning these skills.

How Can I Help My Son or Daughter Get that Job? 

Tips and ideas on helping your child prepare for employment.

How Families Can Build Soft Skills at Home

Soft skills can be just as important to life and career readiness as education and technical skills. Learn how to encourage these skills in the home.

Resources Related to Employment

Agencies that can assist in obtaining and maintaining employment