This video and list of activities for children, youth and young adults with disabilities and special health care needs is compiled by the staff at the Utah Parent Center.  This year’s list also highlights the impact that COVID 19 may have on programs and activities as well as introduces online and home based activities that may be fun for your family.

Summer Resources and Activities

The 2024 Edition of the Summer Resource Guide and Activities is compiled and provided by the Utah Parent Center for families in Utah.

2023 UPC summer resource guide
Recursos y Actividades de Verano

Esta Edición Especial del 2021 de los Recursos y Actividades de Verano esté compilada y proporcionada por Centrol de Padres de Utah para  familias en Utah.

Recursos y Actividades de Verano
Virtual Activities and Accessing the Outside World

For those of you unable to enroll your kids in person activities, or want to plan a staycation option,  access to the outside world is still a possibility and can provide hours of family fun. This video has some great virtual resources to enjoy with your family.