Katie is a mom to 5 amazing humans, one of which is profoundly Deaf and uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate (Bella). She has been working with the Utah Parent Center in conjunction with the Utah Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program for a little over 2 years by supporting families who have a child diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss (deaf or hard of hearing). 

Her family has lived all over the Mountain West including Washington (her home State), Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, and has now made roots in Utah for 4 years. 

Bella was born while they lived in the Four Corners area in Colorado and this is where Katie became active with the State’s Hands & Voices Chapter to try to connect with other families like hers. This led Katie to accept a position as a Parent Guide By Your Side with the organization where she worked for 2 years before leaving the area. 

Katie is passionate about connecting families to each other and striving to make sure no family is alone on their journey that doesn’t want to be. Serving and supporting families is one of her favorite things, but she also loves to be outside (preferably in the warm sun!), making delicious food with her daughters, learning new things, especially personal development, and life coaching. Katie worked for several years teaching group fitness classes and has helped others incorporate healthy meals into their everyday routines.


Jackie Hendricksen is a parent to four children, one of whom is profoundly Deaf; Bear is 11 years old and utilizes bilateral cochlear implants and Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) to communicate. She has another son, Colt. He is 7 years old and has a mild fluctuating hearing loss. He uses Bone Conduction Hearing Aids (BAHA’s) to access full speech sounds for language acquisition.