Aubri is a mom to 3 amazing children. Her oldest child, Ellen, was diagnosed at 2 ½ and during COVID shutdown with severe unilateral hearing loss on her left side. They did find out in 2022 that Ellen’s hearing loss was most likely caused by CMV.  Ellen started out with a hearing aid and eventually got a cochlear implant at the beginning of 2023.

Aubri loves finding ways to connect with different families to help build a strong community for her daughter and that is how she got involved with the EHDI program. She has volunteered as a parent volunteer on the parent network board for two years. She loves sharing what she has learned to help other families on their journey.

Aubri loves to spend time with her husband and kids. She also likes to craft, be outside (when it is warm), take a nice nap, drink a nice cold Dr. Pepper,  and to try new things.


Aubri can be reached at the UPC:



Ashleigh is a parent to 3 incredible children. Her middle child, Rori,  was diagnosed with severe/ profound high-frequency hearing loss and fit with bilateral hearing aids at age 2 1/2 years. Rori attended a Listening and Spoken Language preschool program and then has been mainstreamed in her neighborhood schools since kindergarten.  She is currently in Junior High where she is involved with student leadership and athletic teams.

Ashleigh loves sharing with families from a parent’s perspective because she strongly believes that the first step in empowering children with hearing loss is helping their families obtain information and resources.  She previously worked with preschool-age families at USDB and is now grateful to be a part of the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Team.  

Ashleigh loves to spend time with her husband and kids.  You are most likely to find them in their free time at sporting events for their children.


Ashleigh can be reached at the UPC: