There are many options for higher education for individuals with disabilities. These information sheets give information to help you choose a school and be prepared to ask for accommodations to help your youth be successful.

ADA and Transition: Q&A

How the Americans with Disabilities Act supports adults with disabilities.

 ADA Q&A: Section 504 and Postsecondary Education

Information on how to request accommodations for higher education classes.

College Programs for Students with Disabilities

Many institutes of higher learning are recognizing the value of providing programs to individuals with disabilities. Learn which schools in Utah have these programs.

Guidelines for Requesting Accommodations on the ACT or SAT

Learn how and when to request accommodations for the ACT and SAT.

Help Your Young Adult Learn About Accessing Accommodations After High School

Asking for accommodations as an adult can be intimidating. This gives practical tips on understanding what accommodations you might need and how to ask for them.

Higher Education Options

Learn about the different types of education that are available after high school.

Planning for Higher Education

This information sheet explains the differences in requesting accommodations between high school and higher education.