Family Links Logo

The Family Links Conference is a statewide group of disability organizations who come together to provide a variety of trainings or conferences to parents and families of children, youth, and adults with disabilities and special needs and the professionals who serve them.  We invite organizations, agencies or professionals who work with families and individuals in the disability community to become a Family Links Co-Sponsor.

Benefits of Co-sponsorship include:

  • Opportunity to have a representative participate on the Planning Committee, including providing a voice to what is offered.
  • Exhibitor space for your organization when exhibitor fair is offered.
  • Organization/Agency acknowledgement on all publicity.

Requirements of Co-Sponsoring Organizations or Agencies:

  • Give or get a financial contribution or in-kind donation (Amount not specified)
  • Commit to active participation on the Planning Committee.
  • Provide a representative from organization to help on-site at events
  • Supply at least two door prizes for opportunity drawings at the conference
  • Promote and publicize conference to their constituency.

Please complete the Family Links Co-Sponsor Interest Form and our committee will be in touch.