The Utah Parent Center receives many requests to distribute or advertise research and research surveys to our constituency through our email list.  We have set up this web page to provide links to those opportunities to those who may be interested in participating.  Some surveys or opportunities that are provided by our partners or funders may also be sent directly to the email list.

Current Opportunities

  • Autism Across the Lifespan
    Utah Parent Center
    Be part of a new project to build a bank of knowledge and grow the community around Autism Spectrum Disorder. The UPC is building better resources and a new web experience; while this exciting new project is under construction we will need a lot of input from individuals, parents, and families to make sure it is helpful for Utah families. Joey Hanna, UPC Executive Director and Lisa Wade, UPC Special Projects Consultant are leading this project, both are mothers of children who have been diagnosed with ASD, and both are happy to answer your questions and help you get involved in the project! Contact Lisa and Joey.
  • Supportive Housing Options for Families with Special Needs Children in Park City, UT
    Bridge 21                                                                                                                   After careful consideration and feedback, Bridge 21 has determined that the basic need of housing is not currently being addressed for the neurodiverse population in Park City. We feel that the most important thing we can work on right now is supportive housing options for families with special needs children. There is currently a severe lack of housing options to support our neurodiverse population as they reach adulthood.  We believe families with special needs children need to know that there are safe, nurturing and supportive housing options available when their children reach adulthood. Our goal is that all of our neurodiverse friends can live and thrive as independently as possible!
  • Parents: Share Your Story
    University of Utah: Departments of Pediatrics & Biomedical Informatics       If your child has special health care needs, we need your help. We are developing a tool to improve ways you can access and share your child’s health information. All volunteers will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. To participate, contact Dr. Teresa Taft at