Written by Wendy Carver, January, 2011

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Current Assessments in Utah:

In the legislative session of 2010 it was determined that:

  1. Utah would no longer administer any Iowa assessments including the 5th and 8th grade Iowa and the 3rd grade Reading Iowa as the intent of these assessments is very similar to Utah’s Criterion-Referenced Tests (CRTs).
  2. Utah will not be administering the 2nd grade CRT or the Utah Basic Skill Competency Test (UBSCT) for the next two years to relieve the testing burden to students, teachers and schools.
  3. Senate Bill 150 was implemented this year.  All students in grades 1-3 must be assessed in reading and the school must notify parents if the student is reading below grade level.


  1. Utah’s Alternate Assessment (UAA) will be administered in 3rd – 12th grade in language arts and math and 4th -12th grades in science.
  2. Districts and charter schools may require other assessments.



All students must be assessed.

  1. Students can be assessed without accommodations.
  2. Students can be assessed with accommodations if they are students with disabilities, English language learners or students on Section 504 plans.
  3. Students with significant cognitive disabilities can be assessed on Utah’s Alternate Assessment (UAA).


The Utah Assessment Participation and Accommodation Policy can be accessed at view website schools.utah.gov/sars/DOCS/assessment/Special-Needs-Accommodations-Policy.aspx.  This document is revised and updated annually before school starts in the fall.


Future of Assessment in Utah:

Utah is in the forefront of leadership for assessment.  Our state has been proactive in joining with other states to improve instruction and assessment for all students.

  1. Utah adopted the Common Core State Standards for instruction in English language arts and math.
  2. Utah has joined the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium with 31 other states.  This consortium will provide computer adaptive assessments based on the Common Core Standards in English language arts and math.  These assessments will be more relevant and accessible for students.  Student outcomes will be based on achievement and growth.  CRTs will be replaced by these assessments by 2015.
  3. Utah has also joined the Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessment Consortium with 12 other states to provide computer adaptive assessments for students with significant cognitive disabilities.  These assessments will be based on Extended Common Core Standards and learning maps.  Student outcomes will be based on achievement and growth. The UAA will be replaced by these assessments by 2015.